Flourishing - Workbook + Teaching Videos

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We are called to remain steadfast in our faith, but that can be difficult when we are burdened with the challenges and struggles of life.

Flourishing: Lessons from the Olive Tree is a 7-week, group-discipleship resource designed to inspire women to remain steadfast in every season of life through the study of surprisingly rich thematic imagery throughout Scripture.

In addition to daily study through the Flourishing Workbook, Christine Caine shares biblical insights and personal stories through engaging teaching videos, guiding participants to gain wisdom and encouragement from the olive tree.

For a Successful Group Experience

  • Each participant, including the group leader, needs a copy of the Flourishing Workbook, which includes access to essential teaching videos.
  • Each group leader will need to redeem the discount code provided in the Flourishing Workbook to access the essential teaching videos.

Number of Sessions: 7
Video Length 25 minutes per session