The Creative

$115.00USD $69.99

For the woman who loves to bring things into existence, is always looking for inspiration, and ready to tackle the next project.

The Creative bundle includes:

  • Sticker Set – Great to put on her computer, water bottle, backpack, or fridge!
  • Bold, Strong, Daring Pen Set – Because no creative genius can have too many pens. Plus, they’re classy!
  • Going Places Keychain – Useful and inspirational.
  • A notepad for writing, sketching, brainstorming, and creating!
  • Developed, Not Discovered DVD – Give the Creative in your life a greater revelation of how God can use each moment to strengthen and propel them in their purpose.
  • Unstoppable – Help your Creative uncover her limitless, divine purpose on the earth through Chris’s book.


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Product Dimensions

Sticker Set – 4x4 weatherproof stickers
Bold, Strong, Daring Pen Set – Black Luxe gel ink , .7mm tip,
Going Places Keychain – 3.5 x 2
Notepad - 5.5 x 8.5