There is Extraordinary Purpose in Your Ordinary Life

Episode 61 There is Extraordinary Purpose in Your Ordinary Life

There is Extraordinary Purpose in Your Ordinary Life

Have you ever imagined what Mary must have been thinking when an angel told her she was going to give birth to Jesus? She was an ordinary girl in an ordinary village who was given extraordinary power to fulfill an extraordinary assignment. And God is still accomplishing his purposes on the earth the same way today - through ordinary people. This episode will empower you to believe God has an extraordinary purpose for you - right where you are - even if it seems completely beyond your imagination. 


You Can Grow Where You Need to Go

There is no doubt that Mary felt completely unprepared and incapable of the assignment God gave her. And how often do we feel the same? God gives us assignments and callings that we don’t think we have the capacity to carry. We think surely there is someone more qualified, better behaved, someone who has stronger faith than we do - someone is more extraordinary than us. 


But the truth is: God has ever only used ordinary people to accomplish his purposes because he has ever only created ordinary people. It is by his power living on the inside of us that we can accomplish extraordinary things. This episode will equip you to:

  • Discover that you can grow where you need to go.
  • Take hold of the mandate to carry Jesus to your generation.
  • Walk confidently in your purpose - no matter how unprepared you feel.
  • See the extraordinary purpose God can accomplish through your ordinary, everyday life.



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