The Power of your Prayers

Episode 59: The Power of Your Prayers


The Power of Your Prayers  

Do you believe in the power of prayer? Like really believe in it? Do you have faith to believe for a miracle when you’re staring at impossible odds that scare you to your core? Prayer - the ability to talk to our heavenly father anytime day or night - is one of the most powerful tools God has given us. It is how we hold onto hope in a world full of pain, confusion, and despair. This episode will empower you to pray with the hope and faith that prayer really can change things. 


Praying with Expectation

How many times in our lives do we find ourselves praying earnestly, certain God has promised a breakthrough, only to grow weary of waiting and start to lose hope? Learning to survive the time between the promise and the fulfillment of the promise is vital to living a purpose-filled abundant life. And declaring God’s truth in prayer is key to surviving those times. 

Why is prayer so important? Because when we pray, the enemy’s power starts failing. When we pray, we stir up expectation in our hearts and expectation is the breeding ground for miracles and breakthroughs. This episode will equip you to: 

  • Develop a daily prayer habit 
  • Use prayer as a weapon of defense against the enemy
  • Remain hopeful in the face of despair
  • Remain full of peace in a world of chaos
  • Believe for God to show up in impossible situations



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