Believing for Breakthrough When You Want to Give Up

Episode 58: Believing for Breakthrough When You Want to Give Up


Believing for Breakthrough When You Want to Give Up

It is painful to believe for a breakthrough when all we see are roadblocks. We grow weary and we’re tempted to give up. Give up on our dream job when we just keep getting rejection letters. Or on finding a spouse when we haven’t had a promising date in years. It’s tempting to give up on having a child after months or years of trying because it’s just too painful to keep believing for a breakthrough. But when we see setbacks, God sees space to do a miracle. This episode will empower you to boldly pursue wholeness and believe for breakthrough so you can walk fully in your purpose. 


Wholeness is Greater than Happiness 

Jesus cares more about your healing than your feelings. He wants you to pursue wholeness more than happiness. He invites you to pursue healing for your brokenness, not make peace with it. This can be hard when the devil is shouting at us that it’s too late, that God has forgotten about us, that he doesn’t have a purpose for us anymore.

But, while the devil may be loud, he is a liar! And you don’t have to settle for where you are. This episode will equip you to:

  • Believe God for more.
  • Pursue healing and wholeness through Jesus. 
  • Make what God has done for you bigger than what anyone has done to you.
  • Move past your brokenness and walk confidently in your purpose.



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