How to Believe it Before You See It

Episode 56: How to Believe it Before You See It


How to Believe it Before You See It

What are you declaring in your life? Do your words focus on the fear and doubt you see or do they focus on the joy and hope God offers even when we can’t see it? There is power in the words we speak and when we choose, by faith, to declare God’s truth found in his Word, we have an opportunity to be part of transforming our world, our relationships, and ourselves. This episode will empower you to activate the promises of God in your life by declaring the truth of his Word over yourself and your circumstances. 


What You Speak Can Change Your Life

When Israel was in the middle of a drought, the prophet Elijah declared that he heard the sound of rain. I imagine people looking at him a bit like they would’ve looked at Noah building an arc with not a rain cloud in sight. But the good news of the Christian life is that there doesn’t have to be a cloud in the sky for you to hear the sound of rain.

Living by faith means believing God is faithful to his promises even when we don’t see him working in the natural. It means learning to expect God to do unexpected things and brings unexpected blessings into your life. This episode will equip you to: 

  • Find hope for the situations in your life that feel hopeless.
  • Overcome doubt, fear, and shame by declaring God’s truth over your life.
  • Believe for God to do miracles in your life. 
  • Change your life and lives of those you love by the power of God’s truth. 



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