Poised for Resurrection

Episode 55: Poised for Resurrection

You Matter to God. Do You Believe It?

You matter to God. Billions of people on the planet and each one of us matters to him. And because we matter to him, he desires to see us walking confidently in who he created us to be. But oftentimes we hold ourselves back by hanging onto mistakes we’ve made or hurt that other people have heaped upon us. Today’s episode will empower you to stop managing your issues and find wholeness in God so you can walk confidently in the freedom and purpose God has for you.


Healing Can Be Yours 

Do you want to be made whole? Do you want freedom from pain and doubt and fear? Many of us think that we do, but deep down the labels we’ve taken on are actually giving us a place to hide from fulfilling our purpose. Before we know it, we’re comfortable hiding there.

Jesus won’t force healing on you, but he invites you into it. He invites you to take hold of every victory he has already won for you. This episode will equip you to:

  • Stop using prayer as a procrastination. 
  • Start walking in victory rather than living as a victim.
  • Believe that you are not your worst mistake. 
  • Defeat fear and doubt instead of managing them. 
  • Do the work of becoming whole in Christ so you can walk confidently in who he created you to be.



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