Why Your Circumstances Don't Define You

Episode 52: Why Your Circumstances Don’t Define You


Why Your Circumstances Don’t Define You

We all have issues. Whether they are choices we’ve made or awful things that have been done to us, we’ve all experienced pain, brokkenness, and hurt in a variety of ways. And if we’re not careful, we end up making those issues our identity. The good news of the Gospel is that you don’t have to be known by your issue! The episode will empower you to take hold of the hope, faith, joy, and courage that are already yours through Jesus and build your identity on the truth of who he says you are, not your issues. 


Waiting on Change

Are you waiting on things to change? Maybe you’re waiting for that friendship to be restored or marriage to be whole again. Or maybe you’re waiting for healing, perhaps physically from a disease you’ve been battling or emotionally after someone close to you hurt you. Sometimes in the waiting for our circumstances to change we lose sight of the fact that Jesus has already changed everything.

And because Jesus has already changed everything, healing and wholeness can be yours so that you can live an abundant, joy-filled life. This episode will equip you to: 

  • Choose community that is life-giving and points you to Jesus.
  • Pursue wholeness through a relationship with Jesus.
  • Experience a life filled with more hope and joy.
  • Exchange comfort for healing.
  • Root your identity on Jesus and who he says you are.



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