Break Free from What is Holding You Back

Episode 51: Break Free from What is Holding You Back

Break Free from What is Holding You Back

Are you trying to run into your future while keeping one foot in your past? The truth is, we’ve all been there. We hang on because leaving things behind can be painful or simply inconvenient. But God invites us to live all in when it comes to living on purpose for him. And sometimes that means cutting ties with our plan B so we can wholeheartedly follow our plan A - God & his purpose for our lives. This episode will empower you to break free from the things that are holding you back so that you can purpose your God-given purpose with your whole heart. 


Called to Obedience not Convenience

We are all called to obedience, not convenience. We are called to fulfill the purposes and plans God has mapped out for our lives, not the ones we map out. Our calling originates with God, and he finds us wherever we are to invite us to step into all that he has for us. Our responsibility is to get to work right where he has us today while also being ready to move at the drop of a hat when he opens the next door.


But too often, we try to rush the process chasing a position of prominence. And then, when God says go, we don’t want to leave where we are to get to where he’s leading us next. This episode will equip you to: 

  • Identify what “Plan B” you need to cut ties with so you can pursue God’s “Plan A.”
  • Follow God in obedience even when it’s inconvenient. 
  • Pursue your God-given purpose wholeheartedly.
  • Trust that God is using your work today to prepare you for tomorrow. 



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