The Source of Your True Identity

Episode 25: The Source of Your True Identity   


The Source of Your True Identity

Shame has been a tool of the enemy from the beginning of time. It’s something he uses time and again to distract us and lure us to pull back from God and off track from our purpose. But through Jesus, we have the ability to defeat shame once and for all. Today’s episode will empower you to do just that by remembering the unchanging source of your value, worth, and purpose - the fact that you were created by God, on purpose, for a purpose. 


You Can Defeat Shame

There was a short time in history where shame didn’t exist - in the Garden of Eden before Adam and Eve sinned. But since the moment they fell for Satan’s lies, shame has been a part of human history. The good news for you and I is that through a relationship with Jesus, we have the ability to ban shame from entering our souls, hearts, and minds. 


We were created to bear the image of God, not the burden of shame. Today’s episode will equip you to: 

  • Turn to God’s Word for the truth about who you were created to be.
  • Bring your shame into the light so God can heal it. 
  • Stop running to destructive behaviors that temporarily make you feel valuable and instead find your true value and worth in your relationship with Jesus. 
  • Defeat shame once and for all. 



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