Stop Playing it Safe

Episode 03: Stop Playing it Safe



Take a Risk: Stop Playing It Safe

God never called us to lead boring lives spent merely seeking safety and comfort day-after-day, month-after-month, and year-after-year. Instead, as followers of Jesus, he invites us to lead exciting, adventurous, passionate, and purpose-driven lives full of risk! In fact, taking risks is the very essence of faith. In a time when many around us are fear-filled, timid and desperately seeking security, you can find true joy and real adventure when you commit to step out in faith and take a risk for the purposes and glory of God. In this episode, you’ll find the encouragement you need to move forward with a God-honoring faith that reaches beyond your comfort zone and into an abundant life full of passion and purpose.


Make the Choice

When you go home to heaven are you going to say, “God, I did what you put me on the earth to do!” or, “God, what on earth did you put me on the earth to do?” There are two choices in life and, intentionally or not, we always pick one. We can decide to live lives full of purpose and meaning, or, avoid risks and end up with a lot of “unused” life. As Christians, we know that Jesus died for us to have abundant life, but many are not sure how to grab hold of it.


With this teaching, you will learn to move forward in the purpose-driven life God planned for you as Christine encourages your decision to:

  • Step out boldly in faith
  • Do all that God has called you to do
  • Stop giving in to the worries that block your destiny