Episode 01: An Abundant Life


A Passionate Life is An Abundant Life

Jesus came to give us an abundant life and he wants us to live it! He wants us to understand that to be a follower of Jesus, to know who he is, and what he means is to have a superabundance of life. It’s to have a life of passion!


Passion is being steadfast and integrous. It’s not externally motivated by our feelings or events. It comes from who’s in you—God—and who’s flowing out of you to the world around you. When we are walking in this kind of fullness, our lives have vitality, new meaning, energy, purpose, significance, hope, and joy.


If your life has grown dull, predictable, and full of nothing but routine, or it is feeling small, let Christine show you how to open up your life and live the abundant life God created you to live. Listen to this podcast and rediscover the life God put on the inside of you—and how to live it! 


Live A Flourishing Life!

God is good, and what he does is good! (Psalm 119:68) If we believe this, if we understand that God lives on the inside of us, then we can expect good things to flow from our lives to others—all because of him. We can expect to be passionate about God and to live our lives with great enthusiasm.


But sometimes the busyness of life can deplete of us our passion and cause us to lose sight of the life God meant for us to live—and the goodness he wants us to be sharing with our world. In this episode, Christine teaches how we can begin to reignite our passion and rediscover the abundant life God created us to live. 



  • Live the passionate purpose driven life that’s yours in Christ
  • Rediscover a life of radical daring adventure
  • Walk in the kind of enthusiasm that comes directly from the Spirit of God 
  • Understand how God is not mad at you, but mad about you