Steps Toward a Destiny

On this week's podcast, I interview our newest staff member at The A21 Campaign. She takes me from the inner city, to a university education, and into her destiny and purpose.

The Power of Prayer

Join me this week as Jesse and I speak about the benefits of prayer and how to enjoy your prayer life.

The End of Yourself: An Interview with Kelly Minter

Kelly Minter is a young author and worship leader with a fascinating story. In this week's podcast, she chats with Christine about her journey as a musician, confronting weaknesses, and the leadership lessons of Nehemiah.

Married to Ministry: Another Interview with Nick

There was such great feedback last time Nick Caine dropped in on the podcast so we decided to have him back! This week Nick and Chris discuss influence, serving, and finding your value in Christ.

A Healthy Church is a Growing Church

On this week's podcast, Chris and Bianca discuss the idea of the mega-church, a church healthy, and why growth is important.

Undaunted: Daring To Do What God Calls You To Do

This week Christine shares some of her experiences from The A21 Campaign's Greek shelter as well as the importance of overcoming all excuses in order to fulfill the purpose we have been called to!

The Inside Scoop on "Undaunted"

On this week's podcast Christine shares about the journey, process, and lessons learned while writing her new book "Undaunted."

Should Women Speak in Church?

On this week's podcast, Bianca and Chris discuss the importance of using the gifts God has given regardless of gender.

Navigating Marriage: An Interview with Nick

Have you ever wondered how Nick and Chris are able to navigate marriage, raising kids, traveling, and ministry? Find out on this week's podcast as Chris interviews her husband.

Defining Your Identity

Check out this week's podcast for a roundtable discussion about when maintenance of the body becomes vanity.