No More Shame

Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame (Genesis 2:25).

Did you know that God’s original intent for His children was that we would never feel any shame?

Although this is how God created us, we know that this is not how things are. When Adam and Eve sinned, their first response was to hide from God because they discovered they were naked, and so they were afraid. Ever since, we have been hiding from God and one another. Some of us are ashamed of what was done to us; some of us are ashamed of what we have done to ourselves and others.

But whatever shame’s source, when we surrender it to the healing touch of Jesus, we can finally walk free from the prison it has built around us. Jesus will never dishonor or disgrace us. He took your shame upon the cross, and what God first covered in the garden, Jesus once more covered with His blood. 

You were not created to live under the unbearable burden of shame, and you do not have to. You can bring your shame to the foot of the cross and allow Jesus to take it from you. You can trust Him.

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