Gate A21

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

I once prayed that God would help us overcome the challenges we were facing as we launched The A21 Campaign in Greece. In fact, I was on my way there and had just said amen when an announcement came over the loud speaker. “All passengers on Aegean Airlines flight to Thessaloniki, Greece, we are now boarding. Those on Aegean Airlines to Thessaloniki, Greece, board at gate A21.” 

By choosing, at the exact time that A21 was under fire, to have my flight leave from the gate that bore the same name as our campaign, God was subtly reminding me of who was in charge: “Yes,” He was saying, “the odds are stacked against you. Overwhelmingly, in fact. Yes, every bit of reason and all the advice you’ve paid for says to stop before you’ve even started. Yes, the giants you’re facing can make you think there’s no way forward. But none of those things can stop Me, and when you do My will, they can’t stop you, either.”

Although there may be difficulties in this world, the One who created the universe can overcome them. So today, remember that God is always with you and always making a way for you to do His will, to bring His hope and change into this world!

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